President’s Message

In 1996, a unique idea was launched for a community bank that would truly dedicate itself to improving Louisville. What began as a focused mission to promote economic growth for depressed areas of our community has blossomed into a dynamic economic engine to foster development of small business throughout Louisville.

Metro Bank is not a typical bank. Our expertise has evolved into providing unique financing for major economic development projects to reinvigorate distressed areas of our city. We have also become an incubator for small business growth, helping bring dreams to life for many who previously could not find support for their vision.

Metro Bank invests in lives, not just livelihoods. Metro Bank provides skills and services not offered by other financial institutions that make a real difference for the people in our community. Through our fresh approach to helping small businesses, we have helped bring previously unavailable goods and services to areas where great need existed.

We work hard for new start-up businesses to make sure they have the resources available to succeed. Metro Bank is interested in more than just lending money; we truly make an investment in our customers by providing external support when needed to help a new business owner be responsible in his or her effort to realize a dream.

Building Community. Together. It’s what we’re really all about at Metro Bank.

Pedro Bryant,
Chairman, President & CEO, Metro Bank